Security Roundup: July 2024 Edition

Security Roundup: July 2024 Edition


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Welcome to the latest edition of our monthly security roundup where you find the most relevant Web3 security news all in one place. Get key insights into what happened and stay ahead of the curve!

June 2024 Hacks

DMM Bitcoin - $305M - The exploited vulnerability is believed to involve compromised private keys, possibly through phishing or direct server breach.

Velocore - $10M - The attack involved manipulating fee calculations within Velocore's liquidity pools.

Uwulend - $20M - The decentralised finance (DeFi) protocol that functions as a liquidity market, was hacked for $19.4 million through an oracle manipulation attack.

Loopring - $5M - MFA is an essential tool, but if it fails it can have devastating consequences. Loopring is an example of this worts case scenario.

Web2 Security

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