Security Roundup: May 2024 Edition

Security Roundup: May 2024 Edition


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Dive into the most significant security incidents from last month, get key insights into what happened and stay ahead of the curve!

April 2024 Hacks

Grand Base - $2M - A DeFi market on Base that focuses on synthesising and tokenising real-world assets, experienced a $2 million exploit, due to a leak of a private key associated with one of the deployer wallets.

Hedgey Finance - $44.7M - The primary vulnerability exploited was the smart contract’s inadequate validation of input data and improper handling of token approvals, allowing the attackers to bypass normal security checks and extract large amounts of cryptocurrency.

ZKasino conducted a rug pull, stealing $33 million by converting over 10,500 ETH into their $ZKAS tokens at an inflated price without user consent.

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